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The #1 client acquisition app on the market

More residents • More reach • More revenue

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I am a Professional


Focus on what you do best, leave the rest of your health & wellness business management to Thrv.Health! The average professional is matched with 14 clients in our network, keep >50% more of their earnings per client, and keep clients 2.7x longer.

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I am a Client


Download the app, answer a few questions, and get matched with a professional for free! Whether you need a gentle motivator or a “Drill Sergeant Doug”, clients matched through Thrv.Health find it 2.7x easier to stick to healthy habits.

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I am a Property Manager


By offering these unique wellness experiences, you can create a sense of community and belonging within your building, as well as help your tenants prioritize their health and wellness.

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Focus on your health.

We'll handle the rest!

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For Professionals

Why you will thrive

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Keep clients longer

Create meaningful relationships with powerful personality matching making it 270% more likely for you to stick to a healthy habit.

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Optimize and grow

Get insights to clients through geofencing.

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Build and customize

Tailor bespoke programs for your clients with customizable templates.

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I am a Professional

I am a Client

I am a Property Manager


Join our growing list of partners

We’re honored to have provided so many clients with a way of becoming and staying active.

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