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About the Thrive Health App

"Thank you Thrv.”

“I hit 40, and typical of a lot of women, I started focusing on my career and lost sight of my health at the worst time possible. It wasn’t till I was around 60 that I realized I needed to do something and I am so glad I did without questioning my age and limits. Thank you Thrv.”

Ann Goos

Early Adopter

"This was different and so much more."

“As I get older, you know life got in the way and I wasn’t as healthy as I once was. I started injuring my back when running, and so I thought I would get a personal trainer. This was different and so much more.”

Dr. Jed Kauffman

"I feel more confident to do things I haven't done in years."

“I am a 64-year-old woman with multiple health issues. I have osteoporosis, small fiber neuropathy and arrhythmia, normal Algeria, just to name a few. This program was a game changer….I feel more confident to do things I haven’t done in years. This past summer I water skied for the first time in 20 years, so now I can teach my grandchildren how to water ski.”

Joannie Raum

"And then I found THRV and it was all different- finally."

“I was overweight. No energy. I hadn’t been in a gym for probably 20 years. I had a couple of memberships over the years, but never went. I always found an excuse not to go, and then I found Thrv and it was all different- finally.”

Todd Weeks

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